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25 June 2009 @ 06:43 pm
my bodymod archive.

25/Jul/2006 - Nostril (Left)
17/Jun/2008 - Nipple (Right)
27/Jun/2008 - Nipple (Left)
19/Aug/2008 - Monroe (Left)
(took off on June's 27th)
01/Sep/2008 - Smiley
03/Setp2008 - Nostril (Right)
15/Oct/2008 - Earplug 8mm (Right)
21/Oct/2008 - Earplug 4mm (Left)
27/Oct/2008 - Earplug 6mm (Left)
03/Nov/2008 - Earplug 10mm (Right)
07/Nov/2008 - Shooting star tattoo, made by Virgínia Moura, on my left rib.
11/Nov/2008 - Re-pierced Monroe (Done by myself) - (took off on June's 27th)
25/Nov/2008 - Septum (took off on June's 27th)
5/Dec/2008 - Earplug 10mm (Left)
28/Jan/2009 - Re-pierced my monroe | Earplug 12mm (Right)
18/Feb/2009 - Septum 2mm (took off on June's 27th)
16/Feb/2009 - Earplug 14mm (Right)
24/March/2009 - Finished up my Shooting Star tattoo, by Wander.
1/April/2009 - Daith (Left)
11/May/2009 - Earplug 16mm (Right)
28/May/2009 - Tongue
9/Jul/09 - Cristina

*Don't have the striked ones anymore!
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beast: Sid - Mugshotsvartsala on June 26th, 2009 04:52 pm (UTC)
i think we'd get along. I added you back :D
the first fangirl who adds me, im excited! hahaha
welcome to my lj, <3